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Botulinum Neurotoxin for Head and Neck Disorders 2nd Edition

by Andrew Blitzer (Author), Brian Benson (Author), Diana Kirke (Author)


The Pancreas: An Integrated Textbook of Basic Science, Medicine, and Surgery 3rd Edition

by Hans G. Beger (Editor), Andrew L. Warshaw (Editor), Ralph H. Hruban (Editor), Markus W. Buchler (Editor), Markus M. Lerch (Editor), John P. Neoptolemos (Editor), Tooru Shimosegawa (Editor), David C. Whitcomb (Editor)


Advanced Reconstruction: Knee 1st

by Jay R. Lieberman M.D. (Editor), Daniel J. Berry M.D. (Editor), Dr. Frederick M. Azar M.D. (Editor)


Fractures of the Pelvis and Acetabulum (AO): Principles and Methods of Management 4th edition

by Marvin Tile (Author), David L. Helfet (Author), James F. Kellam (Author), Mark Vrahas (Author), AO Education AO Foundation (Author)


Kidney Transplantation - Principles and Practice 8th Edition

by Stuart J. Knechtle MD FACS (Author), Lorna P. Marson MB BS FRCS MD (Author), Peter J Morris MD PhD FRS FRCS (Author)


Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease 5th Edition

by A. Victor Hoffbrand (Author), Paresh Vyas (Author), Elias Campo (Author), Torsten Haferlach (Author), Keith Gomez (Author)


Clinical Perfusion MRI: Techniques and Applications 1st Edition

by Peter B. Barker (Editor), Xavier Golay (Editor), Gregory Zaharchuk (Editor)


Electromyography and Neuromuscular Disorders: Clinical-Electrophysiologic-Ultrasound Correlations 4th Edition

by David C. Preston MD (Author), Barbara E. Shapiro MD PhD (Author)


Textbook of Stroke Medicine 3rd Edition

by Michael Brainin (Editor), Wolf-Dieter Heiss (Editor)


Color Atlas of Human Fetal and Neonatal Histology 2nd ed. 2019 Edition

by Linda M. Ernst (Editor), Eduardo D. Ruchelli (Editor), Chrystalle Katte Carreon (Editor), Dale S. Huff (Editor)


Atlas of Trichoscopy: Dermoscopy in Hair and Scalp Disease 1st ed. 2012 Edition

by Lidia Rudnicka (Editor), Malgorzata Olszewska (Editor), Adriana Rakowska (Editor)


Campbell Walsh Wein Urology:(Campbell-Walsh Urology) 12th Edition

by Alan W. Partin MD PhD (Editor), Craig A. Peters MD FACS FAAP (Editor), Louis R. Kavoussi MD (Editor), Roger R. Dmochowski MD (Editor), Alan J. Wein MD PhD (Hon) FACS (Editor)


Multisensory Perception: From Laboratory to Clinic 1st Edition

by K. Sathian (Editor), V. S. Ramachandran (Editor)


CT of the Head and Spine

by Norbert Hosten (Author), Thomas Liebig (Author)


Comprehensive Management of Vestibular Schwannoma 1st Edition

by Matthew L Carlson (Editor), Colin L.W. Driscoll (Editor), Michael J. Link (Editor)


Rickham's Neonatal Surgery 1st ed. 2018 Edition

by Paul D. Losty (Editor), Alan W. Flake (Editor), Risto J. Rintala (Editor), John M. Hutson (Editor), Naomi lwai (Editor )


Color Atlas of Pediatric Anatomy, Laparoscopy, and Thoracoscopy 1st ed. 2017 Edition

by Merrill McHoney (Editor), Edward M. Kiely (Editor), Imran Mushtaq (Editor)


Oculoplastic Surgery 3rd Edition

by Brian Leatherbarrow (Author)

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