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Endoscopic Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology 1st ed. 2016 Edition

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by Jeffrey Cheng (Editor), John P. Bent (Editor)


    Endoscopic Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology 1st ed. 2016 Edition
    by Jeffrey Cheng (Editor), John P. Bent (Editor) 
    This volume is an invaluable reference for the practicing pediatrician, audiologist, speech pathologist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and other allied health professionals, as well as the pediatric otolaryngologist, including pediatric otolaryngology fellows and residents. Organized into primary chapters covering the topics of otology, rhinology, and laryngology/bronchoesophagology, each image is accompanied by a short description and brief overview/review of the pathology. While not meant to be all-encompassing of pediatric otolaryngology pathology encountered in practice, Endoscopic Atlas of Pediatric Otolaryngology is an essential tool for office and training programs to help educate patients and families.

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    • Print Length : 72 pages
    • Publisher: Springer Education / Medical;1 edition 2016
    • Language: English.
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