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Endoscopic Ear Surgery: Principles, Indications, and Techniques 1 Har/Psc Edition

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by Livio Presutti (Author), Daniele Marchioni (Author)


    Endoscopic Ear Surgery: Principles, Indications, and Techniques 1 Har/Psc Livio Presutti  (Author), Daniele Marchioni  (Author).
    Increasingly used as an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis and management of ear disease, middle ear endoscopy has the potential to decrease patient morbidity, prevent disease recurrence, and reduce costs. Its capacity to uncover hidden anatomy within the small dimensions of the ear has made it essential for functional surgery, allowing surgeons to preserve key anatomic structures such as the cochlea and facial nerve.
    Now for the first time, the physicians who pioneered this groundbreaking minimally invasive technique review its indications, advantages, disadvantages, and surgical approaches...

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    • Publisher: Thieme Education / Medical; 1st edition (2014)
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