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Ethnic Considerations in Facial Plastic Surgery 1st Edition

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by Roxana Cobo (Editor)


    Ethnic Considerations in Facial Plastic Surgery 1st Edition.
    by Roxana Cobo (Editor).
    In conclusion, Dr. Cobo's Ethnic Considerations in Facial Plastic Surgery is a masterpiece and, without a doubt, one of the best single-volume books available on the ethnic aspects of facial plastic surgery. I strongly recommend this beautiful book as a perfect reference for the facial plastic surgeon who wants to have global view on facial plastic surgery. -- Facial Plastic Surgery.
    Table of contents : 
    Content: Ethnic Considerations in Facial Plastic Surgery
    Media Center Information
    Title Page
    Menu of Accompanying Videos
    Section I General Considerations
    1 The New Definition of Beauty
    2 Surgical Anatomy of the Face: Evaluating Racial Differences
    3 Ethnic Reflections Emphasizing the Nose
    4 The Consultation
    Section II The Latin American/Mestizo Perspective
    5 Aesthetic, Ethnic, and Cultural Considerations and Current Cosmetic Trends in Mestizo Patients in Latin America 6 Mestizo Rhinoplasty Using a Structural Open Approach7 Revision Rhinoplasty Techniques in Thick-Skinned Patients
    8 Approaches to the Midface in Heavy-Skinned Patients
    9 Minimal Incision Facelift Technique
    10 Eyebrow Lift Technique
    11 Noninvasive Procedures in Mestizo Patients: What Works and What Patients Want
    Section III The African Perspective
    12 Aesthetic, Ethnic, and Cultural Considerations and Current Cosmetic Trends in the African Descent Population
    13 Dorsal Augmentation Techniques in the African Descent Platyrrhine Nose 14 Approach to the Nasal Base in Patients of African Descent15 Rhytidectomy in Dark-Skinned Patients
    16 Lip Remodeling Surgical Techniques
    Section IV The Asian Perspective
    17 Aesthetic, Ethnic, and Cultural Considerations and Current Cosmetic Trends in the Asian Population
    18 Primary Rhinoplasty Techniques: Use of Costal Cartilage
    19 Implants in Rhinoplasty
    20 Rhinoplasty in Patients from South Asia
    21 Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty Techniques in East Asian Patients
    22 Surgical and Nonsurgical Techniques for Treating the Square Jaw 23 Surgical Techniques for the Correction of Hanging Ala24 Minimally Invasive Techniques in East Asian and Southeast Asian Peoples: What Do Patients Want?
    Section V The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Perspective
    25 Aesthetic, Ethnic, and Cultural Considerations and Current Cosmetic Trends in the Mediterranean and Middle East
    26 Rhinoplasty in Mediterranean Patients
    27 Managing the Long, Droopy Nasal Tip
    28 Approaches to the Middle Eastern Nose
    29 Midface Lift: Our Current Approaches
    Section VI Special Topics
    30 Nuances of Fat Grafting in the Face of the Mixed-Race Patient 31 Scar and Keloid Treatment in Patients with Dark Skin Types32 Skin-Tightening Devices in Mixed-Race Patients

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