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Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology 2nd ed. 2014 Edition

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by Enid Gilbert-Barness (Author), Diane E. Spicer (Author), Thora S. Steffensen (Author)


    Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology 2nd ed. 2014 Edition 
    by Enid Gilbert-Barness (Author), Diane E. Spicer  (Author), Thora S. Steffensen (Author).

    Pathologists have long recognized that pediatric autopsy requires great care in technique and dissection to ensure that easily overlooked malformations are recognized and accurate diagnoses are made. The highly experienced authors have created a new edition of Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology, a comprehensive reference guide to the actual performance of the pediatric autopsy and the optimal recognition and interpretation of pathologic findings. The Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology, Second Edition covers the spectrum of pediatric pathology with particular reference to those conditions that can be identified at autopsy.

    New and updated material includes microbiological studies, particularly with the advent of newly described micro-organisms causing disease. The volume also addresses new developments in metabolic diseases, new techniques of ultrasound imaging, and specialized laboratory testing.  Furthermore, the book provides a wealth of practical information and bibliographic citations throughout, new copious illustrations and line drawings, numerous standard reference tables, and appendices at the end of multiple chapters.

    Authored by authorities in the field, Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology, Second Edition is a valuable resource that will assist general and pediatric pathologists, neonatologists, interns and residents in training, as well as specialists in cytogenetics and ultrasound technicians in understanding the manner and cause of death in its broadest and comprehensive sense.

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    • Publisher: Springer Education / Medical; 2 edition 2014
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