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Neuroanatomy of Language Regions of the Human Brain 1st Edition

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by Michael Petrides (Author)


    Neuroanatomy of Language Regions of the Human Brain 1st Edition 

    by Michael Petrides  (Author) .
    Many studies of the neural bases of language processes are now conducted with functional and structural neuroimaging. Research is often compromised because of difficulties in identifying the core structures in the face of the complex morphology of these regions of the brain. Although there are many books on the cognitive aspects of language and also on neurolinguistics and aphasiology, Neuroanatomy of Language Regions of the Human Brain is the first anatomical atlas that focuses on the core regions of the cerebral cortex involved in language processing. 
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    • Print Length :  188 pages
    • Publisher: Academic Press Education / Medical; 1 edition (2013)
    • Language: English.
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