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Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery, Volume 1: Intracranial Tumors: Microanatomy, Approaches and Techniques

by Wolfgang T. Koos (Author), Robert F. Spetzler (Author), Johannes Lang (Author)


Cranial Neuroimaging and Clinical Neuroanatomy 4th edition Edition

by Heinrich Lanfermann (Editor), Peter Raab (Editor), Hans-Joachim Kretschmann (Editor), Wolfgang Weinrich (Editor)


Controversies in Skull Base Surgery 1st Edition

by Andrew Little (Author), Michael Mooney (Author)


The Craniotomy Atlas 1st Edition

by Andreas Raabe (Editor)


Neuroradiology: Spectrum and Evolution of Disease 1st Edition

by Small MD MSc, Juan E. (Author), Noujaim MD, Daniel L. (Author), Ginat MD MS, Daniel T. (Author), Kelly MD, Hillary R. (Author), Schaefer MD, Pamela W. (Author)


Epilepsy Surgery and Intrinsic Brain Tumor Surgery: A Practical Atlas 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

by Konstantinos Fountas (Author, Editor), Eftychia Z. Kapsalaki (Author, Editor)


Handbook of Skull Base Surgery 1st Edition

by di Ieva, Antonio (Editor), John Lee (Editor), Michael Cusimano (Editor)


Pediatric Neuroimaging Sixth Edition

by A. James Barkovich MD (Author), Charles Raybaud MD (Author)


Geriatric Neurology 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

by Anil K. Nair (Editor), Marwan N. Sabbagh (Editor)


Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology 11th Edition

by Allan H. Ropper (Author), Martin A. Samuels (Author), Joshua Klein (Author), Sashank Prasad (Author)


Neurocritical Care Board Review: Questions and Answers, Second Edition

by Asma Zakaria MD (Editor), Pouya Tahsili-Fahadan MD (Editor)


Atlas of Clinical Neurology 4th ed. 2019 Edition

by Roger N. Rosenberg (Editor)


Warlow's Stroke: Practical Management 4th Edition

by Graeme J. Hankey (Editor), Malcolm Macleod (Editor), Philip B. Gorelick (Editor), Christopher Chen (Editor), Fan Z. Caprio (Editor), Heinrich Mattle (Editor)


Neurosurgery Fundamentals 1st Edition

by Nitin Agarwal (Author)


The Neurosurgeon's Handbook 1st Edition

by George Samandouras (Editor)


Neurosurgery Primary Board Review 1st Edition

by Ross C. Puffer (Author)


Operative Cranial Neurosurgical Anatomy 1st Edition

by Filippo Gagliardi (Author), Cristian Gragnaniello (Author), Pietro Mortini (Author), Anthony J. Caputy (Author)