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Oxford Desk Reference: Cardiology (Oxford Desk Reference Series) 1st Edition

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by Hung-Fat Tse (Author), Gregory Y. Lip (Author), Andrew J. Stewart Coats (Author)


    Oxford Desk Reference: Cardiology (Oxford Desk Reference Series) 1st Edition. 
    by Hung-Fat Tse (Author), Gregory Y. Lip (Author), Andrew J. Stewart Coats (Author) 
    his comprehensive reference provides easy access to information on the fundamental and practical aspects of modern cardiological practice, covering emerging fields and high technology, and dispensing practical clinical wisdom. Written in an approachable style, and using a quick-reference layout, the Oxford Desk Reference is perfect for the busy clinician requiring a diversity of information without the time to search through hundreds of sources. There are tables, summary boxes and algorithms throughout the book, allowing the reader access to key information and the most up-to-date treatment and management guidelines.

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    • Print Length : 386 pages
    • Publisher:   Education / Medical; 1st edition (2011)
    • Language: English.
      Type : PDF 


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