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Oxford Textbook of Critical Care 2nd Edition

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by Andrew Webb (Editor), Derek Angus (Editor), Simon Finfer (Editor), Luciano Gattinoni (Editor), Mervyn Singer (Editor)


    Oxford Textbook of Critical Care 2nd Edition 
    by Andrew Webb (Editor), Derek Angus (Editor), Simon Finfer (Editor), Luciano Gattinoni (Editor), Mervyn Singer (Editor).
    The thoroughly revised second edition of the Oxford Textbook of Critical Care is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary text covering all aspects of adult intensive care management. Uniquely the book takes a problem-orientated approach providing a reference source for clinical issues experienced every day in the intensive care unit. 
    The text is organized into short topics allowing readers to rapidly access authoritative information on specific clinical problems. Each topic refers to basic physiological principles and provides up-to-date treatment advice supported by references to the most vital literature. Where international differences exist in clinical practice, authors cover alternative views. Key messages summarise each topic in order to aid quick review and decision making.

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    • Print Length : 1961 pages
    • Publisher: Oxford Education / Medical; 2 edition (2016)
    • Language: English.
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