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Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Related Pathology

Klaus F. R. Schiller, Roy Cockel, Richard H. Hunt, Bryan F. Warren


Stroke Pathophysiology Diagnosis and Management 5th Edition

Stroke Pathophysiology Diagnosis and Management 5th Edition by J. P. Mohr (Author), Philip A. Wolf (Author), Michael A. Moskowitz (Author), Marc R Mayberg (Author), Rudiger Von Kummer (Author), James C. Grotta (Editor)


Bone Marrow Pathology 5th Edition

by Barbara J. Bain (Author), David M. Clark (Author), Bridget S. Wilkins (Author)


Pathology of Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease

by Dale S. Huff (auth.), Pierre Russo MD, Eduardo D. Ruchelli MD, David A. Piccoli MD (eds.)


Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management 3rd Edition

by Robert Wyllie MD (Editor), Jeffrey S. Hyams MD (Editor), Marsha Kay MD (Editor)


Histology for Pathologists 5th Edition

by Stacey Mills (Author)


Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology: Gastrointestinal System First Edition

by Elizabeth A. Montgomery (Author), Whitney M. Green (Author)


Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology: Breast First Edition

by Jean F. Simpson MD (Author), Melinda E. Sanders MD (Author)


Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology: Head and Neck First Edition

by William H. Westra MD (Author), Justin Bishop MD (Author)


Fundamentals of Pathology

by Hussain A,sattar


Developmental Neuropathology (International Society of Neuropathology Series) 2nd Edition

by Homa Adle-Biassette (Editor), Brian N. Harding (Editor), Jeffrey A. Golden (Editor)


Infections of the Central Nervous System: Pathology and Genetics 1st Edition

by Fabrice Chretien (Editor), Kum Thong Wong (Editor), Leroy R. Sharer (Editor), Katy Keohane (Series Editor), Francoise Gray (Series Editor)


Surgical Management of Aortic Pathology: Current Fundamentals for the Clinical Management of Aortic Disease 1st Edition

by Olaf H. Stanger (Author, Editor), John R. Pepper (Author, Editor), Lars G. Svensson (Author, Editor)


Ocular Pathology E-Book 8th Edition

by Myron Yanoff (Author), Joseph W. Sassani (Author)


Atlas of Practical Mohs Histopathology 2013 Edition

by Sumaira Z. Aasi (Author), David J. Leffell (Author), Rossitza Z. Lazova (Author)


Sternberg's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology Sixth (2 - Volume Set )

by Stacey E Mills MD (Author), Joel K. Greenson MD (Author), Jason L Hornick MD PhD (Author), Teri A. Longacre MD (Author), Victor E. Reuter MD (Author)


Atlas of Neoplastic Pulmonary Disease: Pathology, Cytology, Endoscopy and Radiology

by Armando E. Fraire (Editor), Philip T. Cagle (Editor), Richard S. Irwin (Editor), Dina R. Mody (Editor), Armin Ernst (Editor), Shanda Blackmon (Editor), Timothy Craig Allen (Editor), Megan K. Dishop (Editor)