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Pediatric Hand and Upper Limb Surgery: A Practical Guide 1st Edition

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by Peter M Waters MD (Author), Donald S. Bae MD (Author)


    Pediatric Hand and Upper Limb Surgery: A Practical Guide 1st Edition
    by Peter M Waters MD (Author), Donald S. Bae MD (Author)
    Pediatric Hand and Upper Limb Surgery guides you to the present indications for intervention and care in upper limb pediatric disorders. The fifty chapters are subdivided into: Congenital, Neuromuscular, Trauma, Sports, Soft tissue and Microvascular, and Tumor.  Each section stands alone but together provides a comprehensive and detailed description of all elements of evaluation and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents with maladies of the hand and upper limb....

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    • Publisher: Lww Education / Medical; 1 edition (2012)
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